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Baby Grand Piano

Grand Piano

 Grand piano achieved great popularity, allowing people to feel artistic and produce music in their homes. Smaller grands satisfy the space and cost needs of domestic use

Piano Transportation

Piano moving demands the skilled hand of a professional mover. Don’t take the chance when you need to move your piano. Pianos should be moved only by expert movers who have the right equipment and training and have a proven record of successfully completing piano moves.


We, JiaSoon Transport Service is the authorize piano mover for: Asia Piano, Singapore Piano Shop, Sonare Music School, Zadok Music Shoppe and etc. 

Piano Tuning 

Many factors cause pianos to go out of tune.


A piano that has been played on a regular basis may experience a gradual drop in pitch and/or a slight disharmony in tone. Changes in humidity will affect the pitch of a piano.


In order to maintain your piano we provide professional tuner for you. 

Piano Disposal

Look for us to recycle and reuse.

Piano are made with quality wood that could be use for other things. The cast iron plates and other metal parts can be recycled.

Dispose it in the most environmentally friendly way.

Piano Repair & Assessment 

For repair the quotation will be issued after assessment. 

Additional services include pitch raising, regulation, voicing and cleaning service. 

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